Boyd Altamont Lite Weights, Build and Initial Review

First ride on the new wheels

Last week I built up a new set of wheels for myself as well as for people to demo.

The Build:

I used Boyd Cycling's Altamont Lite rims in 20-hole front and 24-hole rear. Claimed weight on the rim is 435g. I imagine this is for a 28 or 32h rim as there is less material. My weights were 446.5g for the front rim and 443.8 for the rear rim.

Rear Rim

Front Rim

I had some hubs Pacenti had designed and manufactured by White Industries. They are similar in ways to the T11 but aesthetically different. All the same reliable features come with these hubs that you expect from White Industries. I had an extra Campagnolo freehub body sitting around, but I believe these come Shimano-only. They also come in 20f, 24f, 24r and 28r and only come in black.



The spokes I used are DT Swiss Aerolites on the front wheel and non drive-side of the rear wheel. I used Sapim CX-Sprint on the drive-side. The CX-Sprint is slightly beefier than the DT Aerolite or CX-Ray and will help increase stiffness in the wheel while maintaining aerodynamics. I used black alloy 12mm nipples from Lilly Precision.

Front spokes and nipples

Rear spokes and nipples

Rear spokes and nipples

Complete wheels weighed in at 1484g after assembly compound etc., which was surprising. While the hubs are a little on the heavier side I was not discouraged by the weight. This is without skewers or rim tape.

The Process:

Building with these rims was quite impressive. The finish quality is top-notch. While I do like removable decals, the graphics aren't garish in any way. The right chemical can remove the waterslide decals if requested by a customer. 

I have always been wary of a new rim to the market but I can assure my customers that this rim is definitely on my short list of go-to rims. The ERD measured evenly in multiple sections. The spoke hole drillings are clean and void of snags or rim fragments. The rim joint at the seam is fairly clean, nobody's is perfect, but it was definitely better than other welded joints I've seen. The brake track is nice and wide with no warping that I could detect. Once the wheels were in the stand and at starting tension they were incredibly straight and round. These rims did not fight me at all.

For example, the tension graph below is for the front wheel. I do not have one for the rear as the Spoke Service tension app doesn't have an option for CX-Sprint/DT Aerocomp spokes but the rear tolerance was just as good as the front.

The center channel for tubeless is very similar, if not, identical to Pacenti's V.2 tubeless design, which allows for easy tire installation and will accommodate a simple tubeless set up. The rims come with a nice adhesive-backed rim tape that has a valve hole cut-out and covers hook-to-hook. Not meant to be used for tubeless but the quality of the strip is very good.

I used Orange Seal tape for it's low-weight and nice hollow Cro-Mo skewers to finish out the build. I've gotten one 43 mile ride on them so far but I have another ride this weekend called the Fools Classic in Pennsylvania that will be a great test for them. I will be pairing them with some Panaracer Pasela tires to maintain good traction on the dirt climbs and keep punctures at bay. At that point I will write up a ride report but I can say so far these wheels may be the best I've ever ridden.

Check back next week for the ride report as well as photos of my ride in PA.