Watershed Wheelbuild

I definitely don't update enough but here is the latest build out of the shop.

Bill wanted something that could handle the Frederick, MD Watershed. It's pretty rough and serious terrain.

The Pacenti DL31 rim is great rim for rougher terrain, harder riders and those wanting to take advantage of getting a bit more contact patch from their tires. With a 26mm internal width it's a great option at a respectable weight. Single eyelets help support the spoke bed and tire installation is pretty easy.

Industry Nine was the hub of choice for Bill, and many mountain bikers, for their quality, engagement and they are made only nine hours from Baltimore. That's as local and good as it gets for us in the Mid-Atlantic area.

I spec'd the wheels with a mix of Sapim spokes. I used Race (2.0/1.8/2.0) on the front disc side and rear non-drive side. I used D-Lights for the front non-disc side and rear non-drive side. The D-Lights are a great spoke for getting better elongation from spoke stretch and reducing weight. The Race spokes help ensure the front wheel can handle the torque loads of a disc brake and the drive side of the rear wheel.
The nipples are from Jason Lilly of Lilly Precision Products. He has a unique anodizing process that allows for precise and uniform coating of the nipple. Most companies throw all their nipples in a pile in their chemical bath which can lead to flawed colors and over anodizing.

Tension turned out great and the rims built up beautifully. 

Check out the build for yourself!

Front Wheel Tension

Rear Wheel Tension