Mavic Open Pro UST Build

A couple weeks back I got in a set of 24-hole Mavic Open Pro UST road (rim brake) rims. I wanted to see how one of the cycling industry's longest running and iconic manufacturers is approaching a modern road rim for aftermarket builds. Sadly, the Exalith version of the rim is slated for late 2017 / early 2018.

A major step for Mavic - utilizing their machining technology for standard spoked rims.

A major step for Mavic - utilizing their machining technology for standard spoked rims.

I averaged the weight between the two rims at 407g which is was impressive but also drew concern about durability and ease of building. It's listed on Mavic's site as 430g. 

  • ERD : 592mm

  • Internal Width : 18.6

  • External Width : 22.8

  • Weight : ~407g

  • Max Pressure: 87psi

  • Hole Counts: 24; 28; 32

  • MSRP: $99.99 USD

Rims were laced with Miche Primato road hubs. I wanted to keep the budget low on these wheels to allow people to try them. I want to offer quality rims and hubs at an affordable price that can be customized through spoke, nipple, hole count and lacing pattern. 


The front wheel is radially laced with Sapim D-Light spokes to prevent the wheel from feeling too flexy while cornering, climbing out of the saddle or sprinting. The rear wheel was laced 2-cross on both sides with Sapim D-Lights on the non-drive side and Sapim Race on the drive side. I wanted to keep the weight down a bit as well as maintain some acceleration stiffness on the drive side. Nipples are Wheelsmith silver brass for longevity and cost.

The Build:
The rims were overall fairly round. I was able to build the front wheel with ease. Radially it was very touchy due to the low weight and shallow depth. It finished at 94kgf with 2.1% variation in overall tension. The rear was less round and did put up a bit of a fight. I finished the drive side tension at 117kgf to help the low non-drive side tension. I've heard max tension is 110kgf - so I feel I am safe with the tension drop after a tire is mounted. Spoke tension tolerance was ~6%. Not under 5% that I prefer but not astronomical like a lot of wheels that come through my stand.

A little valve hole vision

A little valve hole vision

I did not use the recommended Mavic UST tape as I was not aware it did not come with the rim with the purchase. That being said, I used blue 3M tape.
Mounting tires proved stubborn but not as difficult as a Stan's NoTubes or v1 Pacenti SL23. It was not set up with tubeless tires. I am waiting until WTB gets their Exposure 30mm tires back in stock. I'm in the middle of doing a review on those tires (on Pacenti Forza rims) for a later blog post.

These wheels are available for demo in the Baltimore area with the option to run Shimano or Campy. Feel free to email me with any questions regarding the build, rims or hubs.

This set will average $650 for anyone interested in ordering.

Stay tuned for a short review from Chris Bishop who got to ride them the day after I built them!