Astral Radiant Rim


Here’s a quick rundown of Astral Cycling’s Radiant Rim.
Depth: 32mm
External Width: 24mm
Internal Width: 19.2mm
Published Weight: 495g
Measured Weight: 497g
ERD: ~577mm
Recommended tire size: 28mm-60mm (2.4”)
Available in disc or rim brake

The Rim:
The rim seam is very clean for a sleeved joining method. Rims measured fairly round in 4 separate sections. Anodizing looks great. Decals are removable for stealthier looks. The UST-style tubeless design is smart - the bead shelf lip helps to keep the bead in place for hard cornering and off-camber riding.

This is a perfect rim for any spirited rider looking for an affordable alloy rim option with aerodynamics without a weight penalty. Take the H+Son Archetype for example - average weight is 480g for a 25mm deep rim with 17.5mm internal width.

Building was very easy. The rim is well-made and doesn’t require any patience during the build process. I did clean up inside the nipple bed with a zero flute countersink to reduce friction but it’s not absolutely necessary. At initial tension the rim was fairly round and straight with little input required to make it true.

Mounting tires is a breeze with the low center channel. These took Hutchinson Sector 700x28c tires quite easily compared to some other rims in the market. It’s exciting to have such a high quality rim made in the US at a reasonable price with excellent quality.

Get in touch for your next build or if you have any questions about Astral’s rim line and availability.

Thomas Barse2 Comments